Why sell goods at auction ? We can and will sell just about anything at auction. Here are the advantages of an auction over other sale methods.

TRUE VALUE: Auctions provide a means to obtain true market value for your property. Selling at auction establishes a true,fair market value for you items.

PROMPT LIQUIDATION: The auction method provides a means to sell any item or property quickly.An estate auction,as an example,can yield the proceeds to the seller in as little as 10 days following the auction.

FINALITY: Your items or property are sold without contingencies. There are no "If's", "Ands" or "Buts".The buyer purchases the items or the property exactly as they see it.

CONVENIENCE: Together, we will determine a timeline for the auctioning of your property. We are a full service auction company which includes all aspects of the auction including advertising, marketing, presentation, moving the items to another facility or setting up on-site and auction-day operations.

 SPEED: Personal and real property are settled for fast and completely.

FAIRNESS: When properties need to be split between two or more parties, there is no fairer method to distribute the value.

HASSLE FREE: Garage Sales, Flea Markets, Private At Home Sales consume your time and may not produce enough buyers to buy everything. Our auction services take very little of your time as we handle all organization and set up on property or hauling to a more convenient & accessible facility.

COMPETITION: Buyers compete for your items resulting in the highest possible price.

REDUCED HOLDING COSTS: Whether you realize it or not, it costs you money to hold onto your property or belongings. You may be paying property taxes on a property, fee's for a storage unit or maintenance fee's for upkeep. Selling your items or estate at auction eliminates these costs for you.