The Five Step Auction Process


A Contract is written on all auctions. You will know what your responsibilities are, what cost you will have, and what the auction company is going to do for you and when you will get paid.


 Proper presentation of items is essential to provide the best appearance without misrepresentation, so both the buyer and the seller are content.


This is the actual auctioneering. Ernie Paulson , our auctioneer, does it at a pace to keep the audience's attention, yet they can understand what is selling and the amount it is being sold for.


This is when you get paid. A copy of tickets that show every item sold and how much it brought, along with all costs and receipts for your records.


This comes after all is done. You have your check in hand and if all the previous Four Steps are handled properly, satisfaction will be there. 85% of all our business comes from referrals from satisfied customers.